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Private Tutoring

Reading Pro offers tutoring in most subject areas, from mid-kindergarten through adult.

At Reading Pro, our vision is to help each of our students reach closer to their goals by developing strong skills in reading, writing, and math. We also assist adults through a variety of tutoring programs to improve their educational skills. In addition, we offer remote mentoring via ZOOM.

Our students must have an 80 IQ or above and be either 5.5 years old or mid-kindergarten at the youngest. 

Reading & Spelling

• Orton-Gillingham Based Methods

• The Barton Reading & Spelling System

• Wilson Language

• LiPS by Lindamood-Bell (if needed) 

• Visualizing-Verbalizing by Lindamood-Bell

• Adult Literacy


• Utilizes Making Math Real

• Math Facts


• Writing Structure & Style

• Language Live!

• Classes offered throughout the year

• Handwriting without Tears Curriculum

• Pencil Grip

• Fine Motor/Gross Motor Activities

• Correct Upper and Lower Case Formation

• Correct Spacing Between Letters and Words

• More Fluent Handwriting with Less Cognitive Effort

• Classes offered 4 throughout the year

Writing Process and Grammar
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