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Student Comments
Parent Comments

“I think this is the best reading program out there for anyone who is dyslexic and wants to learn how to read. I will never forget Reading Pro and my tutors and most of all Miss Lindsay for opening up Reading Pro because none of this would have been possible without someone like you. You will always be a blessing of mine and many lives and you also need to know that what you do does not go unseen. You created this wonderful place called Reading Pro with teachers who really care about their students." 

                                                                       — 9th Grader

Student: You know all this stuff you've been teaching me is really starting to play in my head. 
Tutor: Play in your head? What does that mean? 
Student: Well, when I'm at school and I have to read, all the stuff you teach me plays in my head and I don't have to work so hard to read anymore. 

                                                                        — 3rd Grader


"Mom! I actually really like to ready now. I hated reading before because I didn't know how. But now I know how to read and I love it." 

                                                                        — 3rd Grader


“I'm in the top reading group thanks to Miss Tammy! My teacher liked that I knew digraphs already.”

                                                                       — Kindergartener 


"As a mom, I thought I would never hear my son say "he loved to read" due to his difficulties. Tutoring at Reading Pro has been a complete game changer in our lives and I couldn't be more happy!" 

                                                             — Kara H., Parent of a 3rd Grader


“My son has been going to Reading Pro Learning Center for a year now, and in this year, we have seen tremendous improvement in our son’s reading and writing skills. He has always struggled in school and would not want to go, or even attempt his homework. During conferences, teachers would tell us he’s a great kid, but is not applying himself.

"He is now on the honor roll and is more confident in completing his work and taking tests. Danny has learned new techniques for reading, writing, and math that was not presented to him at the school level. We are so impressed with all he has learned and recommend Reading Pro Learning Center for anyone who has a child struggling in school. It has made such a positive difference in our sons learning and grades. Lindsay has been a great resource for many things, such as completing a 504 plan, finding the right books for our son to read, and has helped keep his school teachers informed through her communications and emails on his tutoring lessons and overall progress."

                                                        — Vanessa S., Parent of a 6th Grader


"My daughter, who is 8 years old and was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD, and lack of short term memory strength. Lindsay with Reading Pro has been a wonderful asset to Paeton’s success! Paeton has improved significantly in reading and self-esteem! Lindsay is supportive, sweet, and a true expert in reading therapy. Paeton is always happy to go to her tutoring appointment and even gets a prize at the end. We have been to other tutors that don’t incorporate fun learning games and it was always more difficult to get her to want to go! One of her favorite things about Reading Pro is that Lindsay makes learning fun by interactive reading games.

Lindsay is so dedicated to Paeton’s success not only with Reading Pro but at school. She was able to attend and support me at Paeton’s annual IEP meeting. Just knowing that I had back-up in an incredibly stressful meeting was reassuring. Thank you Lindsay for always being there not only my daughter but for me! You are a true dedicated expert and we are thrilled to have found you!"

                                                         — Candee E., Parent of a 4th Grader


"My daughter, who is in 5th grade, started working with Lindsay at Reading Pro Learning Center back in September of last year. It is now April and we are all, including my daughter, amazed and excited at all the progress that she has made in reading, reading comprehension, and even spelling. Before we started with Lindsay, she was getting C’s and D’s on her Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Spelling assignments and tests but now she is getting just about all A’s with maybe 1 or 2 B’s. She is so much more confident at school and her attitude toward school is so much more relaxed. And on top of that, she is much more interested in reading books on her own. We are really excited to see where Lindsay will be taking her in the coming months, and even years. Thank you Lindsay for making my daughter’s life easier, more relaxed, and fun."

                                                              — Keiko J., Parent of a 5th Grader

Parent Comments

“I have a 5th grader that has been at Reading Pro since September 2014. Her tutor, Ann, is the sweetest and most understanding person I have met. She is patient with my child and always has nice remarks for her after her hour session. With only 4 months in, we are seeing significant improvement in writing, reading, and verbal communication and her confidence is through the roof. Teachers are also noticing her improvements. I just got her 2nd quarter grades, A's, B's, and one C. Thumbs Up Learning Pro!"


                                                          — Peggy H., Parent of a 7th Grader


“Our daughter has had a wonderful experience at Reading Pro. She loves her tutor and is always excited to go. When a child is faced with dyslexia it can be devistating on their self-esteem. Unfortunately our public school system doesn't understand how to teach children with dyslexia. Reading Pro is like our extended family and always keeps us updated on her progress."


                                                         — Justine S., Parent of a 3rd Grader



“I am so thankful to have met Lindsay at Reading Pro! She did an exceptional job explaining our daughter's dyslexia and dysgraphia diagnosis and the options we had to choose from to help our daughter. Our daughter is tutored by Miss Carissa three times a week. It has been 6 months now and our daughter is now a confident student with so many different tools she has been taught to help her achieve success in her reading and writing. Giving our daughter the tools she needs to be successful is such a blessing. Carissa and Lindsay are both fabulous teachers. 


                                                             — Kim B., Parent of a 3rd Grader

"My son gave a talk at church and read the whole thing by himself for the first time ever!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!"

                                                             — Becca C., Parent of a 4th Grader


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