We have found that a minimum of two hours a week is mandatory to close the gap. (50 minute professional hour to allow 10 minutes to discuss with the parents and transition time to the next student) The more hours you get in a week the faster the progression. The times and days of the week will be determined by you and your assigned tutor. We tutor every day except Sundays. We also provide an online tutoring option via ZOOM which is just as affective as in-person and actually kind of fun. 

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How many hours a week of tutoring are required?

Reading Pro is always one-to-one ratio for tutoring. We believe it is important to individualize lessons and go at every student's pace. Parents are welcome to sit in on tutoring sessions in "background listening mode" but we just ask that that does not happen the first week so we can build that rapport with your child.  

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What Is the teacher to student ratio? 
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The other tutoring centers are typically small group and do not have the research-based curriculum (Orton-Gillingham) that will close the reading gap. We only hire certified teachers and have a very low teacher turnover rate. Reading Pro believes it is very important that the student and tutor build a strong bond to make tutoring enjoyable and help them with reaching academic goals. To help families budget, Reading Pro has decided to go with a flat monthly tuition rate. Sick days and holidays are averaged into 12 months. Our tuition is as follows: 

1 hour per week (for writing/math only) = $280 per month

2 hours per week = $550 per month

3 hours per week = $825 per month 

4 hours per week = $1100 per month

*Ask about our prepay and sibling discounts

Please note that June & July you do have the $70/hour option. Whichever benefits you best.

What are your tutoring fees? 

No, but it is recommended. Once an individual is diagnosed with any condition by a clinical or neuropsychologist, it is lifetime. A diagnosis would give your student the legal right to accomodations in school through college if needed. It also helps Reading Pro fully understand the whole child. 

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Do you need a formal diagnosis for tutoring?
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What is the process at Reading Pro?

1) Our director likes to meet for a free 45 minute consult with both the potential client and both parents. The student is given a quick reading and spelling screen to see if Reading Pro is a good fit.

2) After it is decided that Reading Pro is a good fit, then two standardized tests must be administered to get a set of baseline scores. 

3) Your assigned tutor will call you to set up a consistent schedule then let the tutoring begin!

How long does it take to get through the entire program? 
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This question is so hard to answer because every student is different. This type of tutoring is a commitment and not a quick fix. We literally rewire the brain and if you decide to tutor 2 hours a week then it could take two to three years to get through the entire program. Graduating level 8 is the goal for every student starting with Reading Pro. Levels 9 & 10 of Barton is for 5th grade and older. (depending on the students vocabulary) 

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