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Collaboratively designed by reading specialists from Reading Pro Learning Center and former kindergarten teachers, our 2016 summer camp promises to get your child ahead of the game for kindergarten.

Developed with the emergent reader in mind, in order to: 


*     Enhance phonemic awareness

*     Improve letter recognition 

*     Improve letter formation

              (captial letters or lower-case depending on your child's development)

*     Develop fine motor skills

*     Increase vocabulary 

*     Improve direction following

*     Enhance social skills

Specific skills your child will develop, include:

Discover Reading:

This program will focus on letter and sound recognition as well as phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness, the ability to hear, identify and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) within spoken words, is a critical component to reading and spelling. Activities will include rhyming, syllable counting, listening specifically for the beginning, middle and ending sounds, as well as blending sounds to create words and deleting sounds to change words.


Explore Writing:

Hand-Writing Without Tears curriculum will be utilized. Letter formation will be introduced using a variety of multi-sensory, hands-on tools such as clay and wooden pieces. Refining fine-motor skills with fun chalk, art and paper-pencil activities will also be exercised. 


Enhancement of Sensory and Motor Skills:

Kid-friendly music and art will be incorporated to make learning fun! Water, paint and music will be utilized to develop gross-motor and sensory skills.



Reading Pro Learning Center, LLC 

4135 S. Power Road #112

Mesa, AZ 85212



One week group sessions


          June 13th-17th


                    Monday through Friday afternoons, 1pm-3pm


          June 20th-24th

                    Monday through Friday afternoons, 1pm-3pm


          July 13th-17th


                    Monday through Friday afternoons, 1pm-3pm



Each 1-week session is a total of 10 hours, 2 hours per day, for only $165! (the price includes a materials fees)




(Payment must be paid in full to reserve spot)

1) Online registration form below (left)


2) Click link below (right) and email, drop off paper form with payment to our Power/Warner location.

Our address is :

4135 S. Power Road #112

Mesa, AZ 85212


3) Register by calling 480-434-1373