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Age/Grade:        Date:                           Time:            

5-6 year olds:          June 6-10th                            9:00-11:00am

                                    July 18-22nd                           9:00-11:00am


1st–3rd Grade:      June 13-17th                            9:00-11:00am

                                    July 11-15th                             1:00-3:00pm


4th–6th Grade:     June 13-17th                            12:30-2:30pm

                                   June 27-July 1st                      9:00-11:00am


7th–9th Grade:     June 27-July 1st                      12:30-2:30pm

                                   July 18th-22nd                         6:00-8:00pm

Artists will:




  • The art process

  • Principles and Elements of design

  • Ideas from Master artists from the past and present.



  • Individual projects using various art mediums

  • Group projects using various art mediums.



  • By working with partners and teams to create masterpieces which will be donated to area senior centers.





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